Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Art Update

I didn't realize is been more than a month since the last time I updated, sorry for that. One of the reason why the lack of update was February was kinda a busy month for me (I been having too much fun lol) and then in the end of February and the beginning of March I kinda hit a rut..reality hit in...out of school...a year older...overwhelming Beside from that, I have been drawing more or less.

So in the middle of February, I did a tester for this illustration job and yes...didn't get it. I still had a very interesting time working on it and I learned quite a few things from it. I don't like inking my own penciling work so this project forced me to work on my lineart so that was a fun challenge.  I also never really work on action pose for characters and so this project also made me go out of my comfort poses and work on action pose. Alot of references. These are the three illustration the client asked to do as a tester.

So after that project, I got back to Final-Fantasy 13-2 so I draw this fanart. I wanted to work on my lineart some more. I don't want the lines to be all the same size, I wanted to have weights on the line so I looked at comic pages and just brush stroke on characters from artist I adore so much like Shane Glines to get my influence.

That's what I been up to? I still have some current project I'm working on, but I don't want to show or talk about it too much before I finish it. Knowing myself, I know if i talk about it too much I might end up not working on it. So for now, that's all folk.

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