Sunday, March 18, 2012

More recent artworks

While my art drive is still running I'm pumping as much artworks as I can. I recently finish a really fun and good book called "The Night Circus." Once I finish the book, I got really sad because I don't know when will the next time I can read something as awesome as that and be inspired. Thank to this book, I developed some circus characters not necessarily based on the characters in the book. However, I was really drawn with the idea of these characters wearing black and white theme clothes (but I been into black and white clothes in awhile lol). So far, I developed two characters for my portfolio. I loved playing with the pattern of the clothes and just go crazy with the black and white theme. I'm going to develop more characters for this circus project so stay tone.

Welcome!!! To start off this circus concept I played around with character ringmaster. From alot of goggle references of ringmaster it's usually a male in the red, white, gold, and black uniform. I love the ringmaster uniform, but I also wanted to challenge myself to create a new concept so I switch it to a female ringmaster. The problem with goggling female ringmaster is that there are quite a few sexy one...and I wasn't really looking to sexified this female ringmaster.

My second character, I wanted it to be a child. I really like chinese acrobat playing with Diabolo so I got my influence for that concept.

To give myself a break from the circus project. I did more lineart practice with the characters of final Fantasy 12 this time it's Vanille...she was fun, but didn't realize her clothes has alot of details.

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