Monday, May 2, 2011

Ahhh within in a month and I will be out of college...I only have three more weeks of school left. It's quite a scared thought. Anyways for the pass couple of weeks now I been devoting myself to character designs for my pitch story. I learn quite a few things and I hope in the future my characters designs will get better, but for now I really need to have a pause on character designs well because I kept changing their features when I should be working on their expression and poses...XD...that is for my pitch book after all designing characters is just part of the pitch book.

I'm quite happy with how the characters came out so that why I submitted my characters design to AAU Spring show 2011. Now the chances that me getting into the spring show is quite slim, but I'm still happy with myself. I know I can push myself alot harder (That's what she (he) said). This is going to be my last submission unless I returns to AAU for grad school, but it's still a new experience for me because within my three years at AAU, I have not submit to the spring show once and now at least once I tried to submit something before I left AAU.

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