Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inking a comic page

AHHHHHHH I spent 15-20 hours...on an inking page...INKING!!! I mean it's great practice, but I might be a bit over my head with this project for my final semester inking class because...Lee Bermejo the penciler has a very interesting take in drawing comic page, there isn't any curve, very straight lines and that's one of the reason  what I wanted to ink his page, but again I feel like I was REALLY over my head. It really take a master of inking like my instructor Mick Gray to capture Lee Bermejo penciling, but you know I try. For a person that only started to ink comic two semester ago..I think it's not bad. But yes...this page is really time consuming and hand sore. I used tech-pen more than anything because I'm still not too confidence on my brushing, I can't do straight SUPER thin lines with a brush like my instructor (he can do it like it's no one business...oh my gosh....well he been doing this for 20 years, but still gosh I'm very happy to have Mick Gray as instructor).

Sorry for that rant there, but here are some pictures of the page:

Some of the materials that I used are Tech Pen .05 and 025, black ink, brush, rulers


  1. holy cheezits. this is awesome, thanh!

  2. Yeah- this is so well done!! I am in awe of your mad inking skills O_O

  3. I didn't know you have a blogspot Simone!?!?!

    Awww thank you you guys!!