Monday, July 22, 2013

Recreating: Notice Me

In preparation for my portfolio for 2013, I looked at my old works from my 2012 portfolio. I looked back at my "Notice Me" piece, I had plans for the characters, but I didn't finish the story development. I guess that was a regret for me, I decided to revisit the design and grounded them a little bit more. For the old story I was thinking way too...fairy tale and this time I wanted to be more realistic and not only did my perspective for the characters change, the finally product I want it to become also changed. I'm not thinking of story development to be like an animation, but more in a line of how these character will be like in a mobile game and what kind of game am I thinking they would be in and etc. It's actually a fun and really frustration process, but to me it's also rewarding to see how much my perspective of art change and just my style evolving within a year (more or less). This recreating project is also my own self indulgent of wedding and I feel like if I work on something I am passion(beside drawing) about I will be more motivated to finish the project.

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