Saturday, January 19, 2013

The cold @_@

Ahhh it's mid January, I thought I would done more artwork by now, but I been a TOTAL MESS! The flu got to me for the past couple days and I been feel really crappy so I have not done too much drawing as much as I wanted's not having the flu MWAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, the time I'm not feeling lazy or light headed, I was able to develop some new characters and been playing with shapes and expression.

This is one of the character I develop, the pose it not too different from what I have done before, I'm little disappointed in that, but I just wanted to develop a full body design for her first before I start playing a little be more with her design. I'm thinking she's like a traditional dancer. There is a male ver/sibling of this character. I designed him and I didn't like how it was...and I been watching alot of Kung Fu movies so don't be surprise if the male character is in a martial art pose. 

For warm-up today, I drawn some male's heads.

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