Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I got a job!

Yes, I have a job now. So I am spending a lot less time on my own artwork or projects. I don't know how these artist I follow or listen in podcast; they talk about how they would go to work and then go home and draw more...like drawing at work was not enough...I don't know...I want to learn how to do that. It's just discipline, right? I got this! I....got...this MWAHAHAHAHAH. Since I started working...I have not draw anything for myself yet..so this is just an old drawing or project I did. I would hope I can finish at least one more cafe store before the end of this month. We'll see...I'm sorry I am still trying to get used to work and when I got home I am super tired and on weekend...I want my chillaxing time lol.

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