Monday, July 9, 2012

MNN: Reimagine Jackie

"My Nocturnal Neighborhood" was a story that my friend Quin came up ages ago lol. Between us we came out with over 50 characters...or so. We talked about them, but never really develop them beside the more main characters. Jackie is not one of the main characters, but she shows up once in awhile. She hang up with Dean and his pals because she's dating one of the guy. There really hasn't been much development for her character beside her looks. Years ago, Quin designs Jackie from the description I imagine she would looks like. I like the design, but we always try to develop the character more and redesign the clothes to be more moderns or whatever. Now four years later, it's my turn to reimagine the character. This is not a set's just "well how about Jackie not wearing a dress, but a corset, skinny jeans, boots."

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