Thursday, June 7, 2012

DA ID of 2012

I'm actually an active member of the site Deviant . One of the thing I like to do on there is draw ID for my DA, perhaps the avatar is my ideal Alter ego. Some of the stuff I like to feature in the drawing are my love for polar bear and my wacom4 tablet.

(DA ID June 2012-January 2012)

Oh the FLAWS in the January 2012 ID drawing, now that I look back at it. My June 2012 drawing has alot of changes like the polar bear is no longer a teddy bear, but some kind of polar bear creature. I recently cut my hairs so I gave my June ID a shorter hairdo. I learn a bit more about shading the characters. My June ID is greatly inspired by Chris Sanders's work.

My Progress for the June ID: 

I been looking at my hits per pageview and it seem like I have alot of hits on my Cowgirl blog. I'm not sure if it's because of the subject of cowgirl or because I also posted my progress so I'm going to try to post another progress post and see. 

Started out with just doodle idea for the drawing. I looked for reference for the pose and the drawing style so there I looked at Chris Sander's work. I like his design on the different creatures, but I don't want to fully copy his style. I still wanted to created something my own.

Flushing out the doodle some more for a more clear idea of the pose. I did a couple changes because I wanted more interaction with the two characters. Instead of the girl holding the tablet, I have the bear chewing on it and her reaction. I'm never really good at expression, so working on her reaction also helped me explore the different expression with her face and hands.

 Once, I got a clear solid idea from my doddle. I would make it into lineart using the pen tool so I can more fine lines.

 Then, it's just the matter of coloring the characters. I had to change the color of the dress a couple of time. The dress color is a combo of some of my favorite colors. The dress was originally going to be solid color, but then I wanted to add some texture to it so it wouldn't look so boring and plain.

Add some shadow work.

Finally add some highlight and change the background color. FIN! 


  1. Nice! Great job! Are you going to try do a different style ID every few months?

  2. I'm trying to limited myself to only two per's crazy how much I change style from the beginning of the year and now.

    1. It's always interesting to see how much work progresses and improves! You should do the draw this again meme on DA. I've been meaning to do that meme for a while now, but we'll see. XD