Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Year of the Dragon Pin-Up

Pin-Up! Mommy is back!!! It felt like forever since the last time I draw a pin-up character. Well, actually not really, I draw one last month. THE POINT IS I MISS IT!!! The drawing of the pin-up is a bit different from my past pin-up drawing because I was inspired by someone else beside kinkei and it's the man himself J-Scott Campbell. I have the BIGGEST crush on his pin-up drawing or his drawing in general. I have no idea what I was on to decided to draw a pin-up in J-Scott Campbell drawing style...his stuff are crazy (GOOD!). I tried to mimic his style here and there is this doddle, but I also found my own groove. 

It's "Year of the Dragon" pin-up. Amy suggested that I should have a theme for my pin-up drawing like the animals zodiac and I thought it was an awesome idea so this is my first animal zodiac drawing. I am going to color it, but I thought I did a good work with the doddle/rough of it so I decided to share it with you guys. Now if I can only color like Nei Ruffino!!!! (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA in my wildest dream, but practice make prefect!!!)

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