Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday gifts

I am finally comfortable enough to give my artworks as gift. I don't do it all the time but when I do I feel like I can pat myself in the back for trying to make something endearing for the people that I care for.

My friend b-day was actually last month, but I didn't want to post up pictures of her gift until she got it and she finally got it this month. I was VERY inspired by Brittney Lee paper art...I don't think I can ever do some of the stuff she does with paper...but she really inspired me to do paper art. So my friend gift was my first (and maybe only) attempt to do paper art. I love her to death. I'm so sad that I couldn't be with her in person for her 23rd b-day so the only thing I can do is to send her something special and one of a kind homemade gift.

Another gift for a different friend who b-day was actually today. She is an amazing and awesome girl so I really wanted to draw her something special for her b-day. I knew for awhile that I wanted to draw her with a stormtrooper (because she LOVES THEM!!!) it just took me awhile to figure out the pose and drawing an actual's quite daunting to draw a stomtrooper so prop to people who ever attempted to draw a stormtrooper. I hope I'm 85% accurate with the war fans don't kill me lol.  


  1. I think the Stormtrooper is AWESOME, and that's coming from me, quite the obsessive fangirl!
    Thanh, I've been drooling over the print for hours now (thank god for the protective frame). THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Us 3 amigos are now hanging on my wall. ;)
    You are just incredibly creative and I'm moved by your motivation!
    *super bear hug*