Wednesday, November 9, 2011

INK: Legionaires by Tom Bancroft

It been awhile since I inked something. A couple days ago I came across this post. I really like Tom Bancroft stuffs. So it's a real honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to ink a drawing done by him.

Before when I ink something I would go it traditional which would be brush and ink, but I wanted to try something new this time so I digitally ink this piece.  It was a great fun and practice. I just want to break my steps down a bit or my process:

1. So I used  Tom B.'s original drawing as a bg and change the pencil work to a different color that I can see better with black inking. Then I made a different layer (oh I inked on photoshop) and inked over that. I used the Pen Tool alot, because it give me perfect lines and then I just zoom in alot to erase the end of the pen tool lines to make it more like brush stroke. 
2. The inking took awhile because I was figuring out what I should do with the different shading colors that Tom shaded on the characters especially the two characters on the bottom. So I decided to color the suit black and the highlight white.
3. Once  I was done with the penciling it self, I wanted to do something with the background. The drawing seem like it was a space scene and you know what that mean, the background should be black and you can see how that didn't go too well with my with black inking:

I had to look back at some comic inking artist to see how would they deal with black inking on black background and I noticed alot just made like a white halo or white outline outside the black inking. So I decided to give that technique a try.
What is a space scene without stars? I added stars and maybe even a bit more from the original drawing, I hope Tom Bancroft would be okay with that.

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