Monday, August 1, 2011

Making of the Cowgirl Illustration

I got inspired to draw cowgirl after this post by a former classmate.

I was looking around for inspiration pose for the drawing and I came across a small pin-up thumbnail painting in the book "The Great American Pin-Up" by Harry Ekman.

It was an interesting pose gesture so I design my cowgirl character around that pose, but add some of my own idea into it. I started with a rough doodle and from there I redraw the drawing using the pen tool to create the lineart:   

With the lineart done, I color the character using just simple one tone color to see what suit this character best for me.  
 I'm not really good with tone coloring yet so I'm just testing this style out.
Then I added some highlight and change the background and there you do, my cowgirl pin-up.
-Thanh Ma


  1. This is great! Love seeing progress! Post more!

  2. Looking good Thanh! Maybe I should hire you to design my blog!