Saturday, August 27, 2011

I spy with my eyes a....

For the past few weeks I been working on character design project for a student at AAU and now that it's over, I  celebrated with a drawing of a mermaid (that is going to kill you because according to one of my dear friend...she has a scary look hahahah. I really didn't mean to, it just end up like that I'll try to draw a nicer one next time).

I didn't think this drawing was going to be too much time, but it took longer than I thought to finish it because I really wanted to have the mermaid to have different hair colors and different color for the shading. I was inspired with Kei Phillips vector drawing/coloring of her characters so I was giving that a try. This drawing was really fun because I learn how to mask layers on photoshop, it really make coloring alot easier.

So enjoy for now, more to come later ^^


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