Friday, June 21, 2013

Mini Project: Japanese Street Fashion

For the past couple of weeks I been trying to be more creative with my clothes and design on my drawing. I then discover this tumblr of street snap fashion and I have to say most of the of the snap shots are from Japan. I find myself scrolling around looking at the different street fashion, there are some design that I can't help but take a double look at it and want to draw it out. So that is what I did for some couple images I found:

Then my ambition took over and wanted to do something more than copy what I am seeing. For the next two drawing, I still copy the pose and clothes, but mash-up comic characters: Batwoman and Robin base of Carrie Kelley design. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reimagine Megaman 2.0

The pro and con at looking at your old works...are how bad it was and how much you improve since then.

In 2011 DAC (design-a-character), posted a challenge to reimagine Megaman. Of course I participated, I had to think out of box to re-imagine  a character that is already so known for he's design.

Now in 2013, I revisit the design and tried something new cause looking back at my old Megamen's quite flaws.

Since then, I learn more about:
- Proportion
- Shading
- Character design

Bigger ver of Megaman 2013